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Reunion by 90Sigma

This is a great piece, simple, beautiful, and with a beautiful story behind it. I'm not too much in that kind of shipping (I'm more hetero) But I have to say this is Incredible!
Nothing to say, it's great
Originality: I love the fact that they both, and probably the other mane 6, each went in their own directions, and that they meet again long after. I love Twilight's cape, the design is simple, but shows immediately what she is with the sun/moon bordure.
The technique is quite good, it could be something people would vector from an episode screenshot. There's just a little something that bother's me with Dash's wings, and I have to say that that hoof coming out from Twilight's cape kinda bothers me, makes her leg look longer then the other.
This is an amazingly sweet piece that was very strong on me, made my heart go hnng right away
I'd just say that your work is great, and that you should continue in that direction, keep up that amazing work!!
The Artist thought this was FAIR
11 out of 12 deviants thought this was fair.


90Sigma Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
Thank you for the feedback!

The image is a vector-based one, so it's in the same style and design as images from screenshot. This image is not traced.
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